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About Us

We, at The Cultural Council of IIIT Delhi, fill the non-academic calendar with zest and colour by organising intra-college cultural fests and events. We take upon us the responsibility to give the students opportunities to express and explore their talents and have some fun amidst the highly demanding academic life at IIITD. It is our mission to keep the institute's culture up and intact and fill the college life of students with unforgettable memories.


The Cultural Council has organised numerous unforgettable events in the past. We have dazzled fresh faces on Fresher's Night, made people groove to the beats of dandiya on Dandiya Night, and turned the dial of mystique on Masquerade. Diwali Celebrations, Halloween Party, Retro Night, and many more events are a part of our college's rich cultural history.


Driven by the urge to enhance the cultural experience of students of IIITD, the Cultural Council has taken new initiatives this year.


Spectrum is the monthly cultural newsletter of our institute. It is curated presented by the Cultural Council in collaboration with all the clubs of IIITD. This publication includes the cultural essence of our institute. It is a platform for its students and faculty to share their experiences and also has small surprises.

Chronicle of records

IIITDā€™s Chronicle of Records is a joint venture between the Cultural Council and the Sports Council. It is an initiative to commemorate the most extraordinary achievements by all members of the IIITD family. The Chronicle of Records is the medium to create, remember, and spread the legends of the greats of IIITD.


Ayush and Yatharth of the Cultural Council took up the project to recreate our campus on Roblox. The duo has designed the hostels, the Student Centre and the Sports Block, as Phase 1 of the undertaking. The Roblox iteration of our campus is a scaled but exact recreation of the college with explorable interiors. The project gives all of us a chance to experience and relive our memories.

The Team

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